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Signature® Series Conveyorized Tunnel Car Washes

Car Wash Belanger Signature® Series

Done right, a car wash should appeal to the senses, while reassuring customers the was is safe for them and their vehicles.

With its bright powder-coated finish and patented elliptical beams the Signature Series looks like no other car wash on the market. Its sleek, curved design and rich colors make it something truly special that grabs your customers attention.

Choose from Electric or Hydraulic Drive.

Advantages of Electric Drive

1. Soft start stagger equipment start-up
2. Reduce peak electrical loads
3. Lower Cost of Operation
4. Control over wash speed to increase or decrease throughput to meet customer demands

Belanger Signature® Series Tunnel

Electric Drive Option — Modern, Efficient, One Button Control

The Electric Drive option gives you one button control over your entire was line, including the conveyor and equipment with its all electric (VFDs) and Integra Control System. You can respond in real time to changing business and weather conditions.

Hydraulic Drive Option – Rugged, Simple and Straightforward

The Hydraulic drive runs on a hydraulic motor with a fluid circuit using pressurized hydraulic fluid routed through a line with easy operation, adjustment and maintenance.


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