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Freestyler® Soft Touch In-Bay Automatic

In order to attract repeat business, an in-bay car wash must feel inviting. That’s why the FreeStyler® soft-touch automatic is designed from “the top down” to offer an open, airy and pleasant wash experience we call ClearBay®.

While floor-mounted rollovers can feel claustrophobic, the FreeStyler® is different. Its overhead gantry design opens up the wash bay, speeds up loading and increases throughput.

Once each vehicle is loaded, the effective five-brush system delivers a thorough clean, and unsurpassed throughput among soft-touch in-bays.

The available HydroBlade® with Wheel Stinger® provides multiple revenue generators in one exciting package. The HydroBlade® surrounds the vehicle with 10 high-pressure nozzles that blast dirt out of ‘nooks and crannies,’ creating a soft-touch/high-pressure ‘combination wash’ customers will gladly pay more for. Included with the HydroBlade®, or available separately, the Wheel Stinger® delivers focused wheel cleaning with 15 high-pressure nozzles per side and on-board Chemical Tire Applicators (CTAs).


Freestyler® Softtouch Automatic

Freestyler® owners can choose from many popular options to enhance the customer experience. These include the popular treadle-free VPS Virtual Positioning System® and powerful dryers, as well as:

  • Wheel Stinger® and Onboard CTA
  • HydroBlade® with Wheel Stinger® and Onboard CTA
  • Triple Foam
  • Sealer Wax
  • Drying Agent
  • Bug Spray (with floor-mounted manifold)
  • Onboard & Freestanding Vehicle Dryers
  • DuraShiner® CF tire Shiner


Freestyler® Softtouch Automatic

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