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Enduro 60 mid-line speed tunnel washing systems

Belanger’s Enduro Class 60™ is a high quality, mid-line speed tunnel washing system. The Enduro Class 60 is a versatile system delivering maximum cleaning power in a flexible soft cloth car wash system. Built to fit into the smallest wash bays, the Enduro Class 60 features the same smart design and rugged gear found in all our vehicle wash systems. With its uniquely affordable entry point and long life-cycle, the Enduro Class 60 is a great fit for those who wish to offer a professional quality tunnel wash service, in a compact facility layout.

Constructed with only the highest grade materials, like aircraft-grade aluminum, high-density plastics, and state-of-the-art electronics, Belanger wash systems are durable and keep operating costs low. Minimal maintenance and near-zero downtime combined with the ability to wash 50-80 cars per hour make the Enduro Class 60 one of the most profitable wash systems in the industry.

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Enduro 60 Mid-Line Speed Tunnel Washing System

Enduro 60 mid-line speed tunnel car wash system

Enduro 60 Tunnel car wash system

Enduro 60 Drying system

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