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Best Car Wash Awnings and Islands
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Car Wash Awnings and Islands

Made to order, Vending Islands create a tremendous profit for your car wash in a small space.

Types of Vending Islands

  1. Wall-Mount
  2. Hexagon
  3. Octagon
  4. Single-sided
  5. Double-sided

Vacuum Islands are stainless steel and attractive in design and color. Easy to install, these islands arrive at your car wash ready to bolt down and cap off with concrete. You can choose between different combination units, single or double vacuum, decal design, awning and lettering color, trash can cover style and vending options.

Awning Styles comes as convex, concave, bullnose or elongated shaped frames. Pick the frame that is unique to your purpose and position of the awning.

Also choose from color combinations, valance style – straight edge, aztec, wave, scallop, triangle and your graphic design to customize your awning.

Vacuum Islands

Awning Styles and Designs

Awning Styles

Awing Frame Shape

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