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Chameleon® Arches

Chameleon® Arch Series by Belanger are constructed of aluminum and stainless steel, bold colors, vibrant lighting, and flexible branding options. They are offered in applicator and utility cross-over configurations.

Available in seven bold powder-coated colors, these easy-care aluminum arches make a powerful impression. Every arch offers a choice of five vibrant neon light strips, five unique pendant shapes and two distinctive application announcement sign styles. Add your choice of custom decals to both the pendants and announcement signs to help reinforce your brand or service offerings.

Chameleon® Arches are stainless steel manifold design which allows for any chemical application. With their powder-coated extrusion finish, it is easy to clean and keeps your tunnel looking great. There are many colors to choose from which helps makes the arch your own and helps reinforce your brand and/or service offerings. There is a hidden channel inside extrusion which can be used to hide utility lines or manifold (based on application configuration) and provides a clean, sleek appearance. Vibrant neon light strips illuminate as a product is applied, providing customers with instant confirmation of service.

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